Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dect Phones - Cordless Phones With Futuristic Technologies

There has been lot many changes in the world of communication after the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. He lead the evolution of the telegraph into a telephone. The older telephones were very large sized with the dials for dialing the number. The communication distance was very limited with the options of trunk calls at selected places. Then came the pagers which started the era of wireless communications. But the true evolution started at the advent of mobile phones. The best part in this new technology was the complete location independence. The same was achieved by the cordless phones as well. The earlier handsets had very short range and just calling and call receiving features. The stepping stone to the future of this cordless technology was achieved by the use of the Dect phones.

There were a lot many new features embedded in the new handsets. The most important one was the increases in the range of distance between the base station and the handset. With this the display was also included in the handset just like the mobile phones. The display was initially was one line monochromatic display. Then slowly the CSTN colours were involved and now the true coloured display screens are used in the latest phones. The multi-line screens now had the capacity to show lot many details about the call. Another new achievement was the phonebook. The phonebook can now store almost unlimited number of records. The details can include, photo, name, number(s), addressees and lot more. In all the details shown on the display screen include name of the caller, the number of the caller, the duration of the call, the waiting list of calls and more. While the calls are on hold the calendar can be accessed so that the user can manage the schedules.

The new Dect phones have also worked upon the clarity of calls. It was seen previously that the voice clarity was greatly affected by the distance of the handset from the base station. The indoor walls increased the problems to a greater extent. The newer version had a better transmitter in the base station and a better receiving antenna installed in the handset of the cordless phones. The best feature in the handset was also seen to be stylish deigns and the longer battery backup of the handset. With a more powerful battery the conversations could be continued for long hours without the need of frequent recharging.

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